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Как менялось отношение фотографов к длине выдержки

С первых дней фотографии фотографы искали способ сделать выдержу короче:

In particular photographers began to look for technical improvements which might help them catch the moment in detail. Early processes were remarkably insensitive. In 1839 daguerreotype exposures could take between fifteen and thirty minutes, as Fox Talbot noted in a letter of 21 May 1852: ‘Ld Brougham assured me once that he sat for his Daguerreotype portrait half an hour in the sun and never suffered so much in his life.’ Daguerreotype times quickly reduced to between ten seconds and one minute, considerably in advance of the exposures of a minute or two required for paper negatives. By the early fifties, though, exposure times were down to a matter of seconds. On 31 May 1852 Fox Talbot wrote to Dillwyn Llewelyn: ‘Pray accept the enclosed specimen which was taken the other day in 3 seconds by Henneman or his assistant. He sometimes succeeds in one second.’

Ян Джеффри. Photography: A Concise History.

А потом выдержки сократились настолько, что некоторым фотографам стало слишком быстро, и они начали искать способы увеличить выдержку. Придумали нейтрально-серые фильтры, нарезали пинхолы и всякое такое.

Я и сам, с тех пор как купил пульт с таймером и нейтрально-серый фильтр, гораздо чаще снимаю на длинных выдержках.

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